In an answer of my question on Code Review:

Keep NumLock always on in Linux (C++),

I am pointed to the right solution for this problem, that being a command:

setxkbmap -option numpad:mac

which proves to work when I invoke it from logged in session.

I am trying to invoke it on each reboot / re-login.

So far, my best guess was to edit my user's crontab:

$ crontab -l

@reboot /usr/bin/setxkbmap -option numpad:mac

But this does not seem to work for some reason.

Just to note that this is not a duplicate of questions formulated like How to keep NumLock always on.

I have now tried to add a little (from terminal working shell script) to Startup Applications to no avail:

NumLock script in Startup Applications


Adding a Startup Delay to that Startup Applications entry did help.

I am unsure, why it is necessary or how low I can set it, nor if that is individual to a system, so a better answer explaining these things might be welcome.

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