How can I run curl on multiple URLs example:

curl https://google.com/1 
curl https://google.com/2 
curl https://google.com/3 

I would like to automate curl every 60 seconds.

  • Hello @Martynas. Would you please clarify whether you would like to download all the URLs, and after 60 re-downloading all the URLs again, OR you would like to wait 60 seconds between each URL. Thanks for any clarification! – user88036 Sep 27 '18 at 13:15

Try the below,

1) Create file MultiCurl.sh

/usr/bin/curl "https://google.com/1"
/usr/bin/curl "https://google.com/2"
/usr/bin/curl "https://google.com/3"

2) Make it executable with chmod

chmod +x MultiCurl.sh

3) Added it in Cron Job

*/60 * * * * $Scriptpath/MultiCurl.sh

Alternatively, you can use the command wget with the flag --i. Put all the urls in a file list.txt, then run wget

cat list.txt

wget --i ./list.txt

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