I'm running Ubuntu desktop, it's been running stable for the past couple years. I've never had the need to use the getty virtual consoles, but just noticed that they don't work. If I do ctrl-alt-F5 for example, I see a blank screen, and then a short time later it says "no signal." Same thing with F1 through F6. However, I can return to the X-console with ctrl-alt-F7, no problem.

I see I've got getty processes running on tty1-6. My /var/log/syslog shows the following whenever I try to switch to a virtual console: Sep 26 10:33:59 Mmartinex-ulx acpid: client 29245[0:0] has disconnected Sep 26 10:34:09 Mmartinex-ulx acpid: client connected from 29245[0:0] Sep 26 10:34:09 Mmartinex-ulx acpid: 1 client rule loaded Not very informative. Anyone know where to look to troubleshoot this? It's been years since I worked with this kind of stuff, nowadays my focus is entirely on high-performance distributed Linux clusters in EC2.

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