Say I want to filter logs to use different files per user ID, I can write one rule per uid as here :

if $msg contains 'uid=500' then /var/log/uid/500
if $msg contains 'uid=501' then /var/log/uid/501
if $msg contains 'uid=502' then /var/log/uid/502

I would like to write one single line by using a regexp capture like this:

if $msg contains 'uid=\([0-9]+\)' then /var/log/uid/\1

Is it possible and how please?


You can do this using a property replacer. Put in your rsyslog.conf or similar a line defining a template that is the desired format of the filename, and use it in the action when you match the input line. For example,

$template myfile,"/var/log/uid/%msg:R,ERE,1,FIELD:.*?uid=([0-9]+).*--end%"
if (re_match($msg, "uid=[0-9]+")) then {
 action(type="omfile" dynaFile="myfile")

The template says the template variable myfile is the string including the msg property replaced by a regex (R) match, extended (ERE), group capture 1 (1), (and if no match, keep the original FIELD). The actual regex is the .*?uid=([0-9]+).* part. The --end is an obligatory part of the %...:R,...--end% sequence.

The lines following are the usual Rainer Script test for the lines you want to match, and where to place the result.

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