Hello Unix & Linux StackExchange. I have several questions regarding whether there's a way to show recently installed applications in my Whisker Menu. If the background info I'm going to provide you is too long, there's a TLDR section at the bottom.

I use MX-Linux as my distro and love just about everything about it. If you're not aware, it is based upon Debian Stretch 9.5 without systemd. I've actually made several changes to suit my personal preferences such as switching my primary file manager to Nemo from Thunar. I enjoy testing various packages from debian repos as well as those originating from github, bitbucket, and of course gitlab after so many users have recently migrated from github.

Anyway, since I enjoy installing and testing new app packages there's one thing I can't seem to figure out. Is there's a way to make a category in my Whisker Menu which displays my most recent installations using mx-menu-editor, menulibre or another menu editor? Is there a menu app other than Whisker Menu that can do this? If so, how exactly would I go about making an XFCE panel button to display that menu instead or along side the Whisker Menu?

I realize this is quite a few questions rolled into one, so if its TLDR here's a quick list of what I'd like to know regarding my customized MX-Linux distro:

  • Can I make a category in XFCE's Whisker Menu that will display my most recently installed apps?
  • Are there other App Menus that can do this if Whisker Menu cannot?
    • If there are, what are they?
    • If there are, how can I make an XFCE Panel button that will display that menu instead of or alongside my Whisker Menu?
  • Is there anything related to my questions which you feel would be good for me to learn about as well?

I appreciate any info you can provide me. Many thanks!

⁓ Ev

  • Whisker Menu can not do it without modifying its code. – Jaleks Sep 26 '18 at 7:12

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