I'm trying to mount my Synology NAS to Ubuntu with fstab, and I have some folders on the NAS containing '!' in the folder name, as well as spaces. The spaces I found out that I can escape with \040, but what about the ! (exclamation mark)? I've searched but haven't found any answer yet.

This is a part of my fstab filer right now;!Film\040-\040480p nfs auto 0 0!Film\040-\040720p nfs auto 0 0!Film\040-\0401080p nfs auto 0 0!Film\040-\040Barn nfs auto 0 0!Film\040-\040Barn\040-\040Temp nfs auto 0 0!Film\040-\040Barn\040-\040Disneynfs auto 0 0
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    Welcome to U&L! What methods of escaping have you tried so far? \!? \041? – JigglyNaga Sep 25 '18 at 11:31
  • tried \!, not working. Haven't tried \041 because I couldn't find any list that explained all substitutions for special characters. But thanx, I'll try that. – b0red Sep 25 '18 at 11:39

I should add \041 and put the path as well, this worked:!Film\040-\040480p /media/movies 

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