Trying to find these files and copy them to a directory (test_dir);


I would like to find all these files dynamically and copy them to a directory. I have tried the below command but it copies only last file(jenk*.zip) only, need a command which copies all the above files to a directory mentioned (test_dir);

find / -type f -name "*abc*.zip" -o -name "*kncb*.zip" -o -name "*jenk*.zip" ! -path '*/test_dir/*.jar' -exec cp -ar {} ./test_dir \;
  • are you guaranteed that there'll only be one of each of those? – Jeff Schaller Sep 25 '18 at 1:54
  • why are you recursively copying (-r) when you're looking (presumably) for single files? – Jeff Schaller Sep 25 '18 at 1:55

You need to apply ( ) around your OR construct.

An explanation can be found in the man page:

Please note that -a, when specified implicitly (for example by two tests appearing without an explicit operator between them) or explicitly, has higher precedence than -o. This means that find . -name afile -o -name bfile -print will never print afile.


touch afile bfile

Without ( ):

find . -name afile -o -name bfile -print

which has an implicit -a between -name bfile and -print:

find . -name afile -o -name bfile -a -print

With ( ) the result is as expected:

find . \( -name afile -o -name bfile \) -print

Your implicit -a lies between -o -name "*jenk*.zip" and ! -path '*/test_dir/*.jar'.

  • Getting an error when I run this from jenkins; find / (-name "abc.zip" -o -name "kncb.zip" -o -name "jenk.zip" ) ! -path '/test_dir/.jar' -exec cp -ar {} ./test_dir \; find: invalid expression; you have used a binary operator '-o' with nothing before it. – itgeek Sep 25 '18 at 13:57

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