How to write those into one line, also without repeat the same path?

rsync -a root@somewhere:/folder/remote/*.txt .
rsync -a root@somewhere:/folder/remote/*.jpg .

I'd write it like this:

rsync -a root@somewhere:/folder/remote/*.{txt,jpg} .
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    This is a general technique that you can use with any command. The shell will repeat the argument, replacing the brace expression with each item in the list. It's called brace expantion – Shawn J. Goff Dec 10 '10 at 15:04
rsync -a --include='*.txt' --include='*.jpg' --exclude='*' root@somewhere:/folder/remote/ .

(Note that the final / in /folder/remote/, and the placement of --exclude='*' after the include rules, are important.) In shells that support brace expansion (e.g. bash, ksh, zsh):

rsync -a --include='*.'{txt,jpg} --exclude='*' root@somewhere:/folder/remote/ .

Add --include='*/' --prune-empty-dirs if you want to copy files in subdirectories as well.

  • rsync 3* seems to fail on * wildcards, the include|exclude work well though. – briankip Jun 21 '17 at 20:26

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