I have been trying to use the Unix program remind, and so far I enjoy the flexibility. I have set up this command to warn me of any upcoming reminders:

~$ remind -z -k'notify-send "Reminder"  "%s"' .reminders/reminders.rem

It works, but for some reason it doesn't respect remind's feature to start warning some days in advance (it does for minutes though), e.g. reminders like this don't provide output to the command listed in the -k flag:

REM September 28 +5 AT 20:11 +1 Get some foo bar %b

At this moment, the above example will only trigger notify-send at september 28 one minute before 20:11 (and not any other days for some reason). I would like to trigger notify-send 5 days in advance (in case of this example), and everyday from that. How do I achieve this? (a different syntax is okay too, but others also didn't achieve what I want)

  • I think what you are missing is that I want remind to send out a notification. It seems that using a combination of the -z and -k flags is the way to achieve this. (read up on them if you don't know what they do) Unfortunately, remind does not send a signal to the receiving process whenever I combine -k with the syntax for sending a reminder some days in advance. I encourage you to try out trying to send stuff from remind (using flags like -z/-k ) to notify-send (or some other program) to see what I mean, if you can reproduce it all.
    – rien333
    Sep 24, 2018 at 22:44
  • (previous commenter deleted all of his remarks about my question being unclear, please anyone let me know if it's too vague)
    – rien333
    Sep 24, 2018 at 22:49

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Not a big fan of this solution because it seems to require you to put in an unnecessary year part, but at least the remind daemon is triggered some days in advance this way:

REM FROM October 14 2018 UNTIL October 17 2018 AT 14:34 MSG get that foobar

Or, to give slightly shorter way of triggering the daemon everyday (the *1 part), starting from a particular date:

REM 29 Apr 2021 *1 AT 12:43 MSG Return foobar to store

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