I did setup-alpine then installed busybox-extras. After I rebooted the VM, it reverted to the initial configurations.

Is it just for Alpine VM, or should I save it? I can't find any commands to save the current config of Alpine VM.


From the alpine-wiki you have to shutdown the virtual machine, then remove the Alpine ISO from the virtual optical drive.

Quote: "...Install Alpine on the virtual computer

Follow the steps described in the Installation Handbook, just as if you installed Alpine on a real PC. Tip: Do not reboot your virtual box after the installation. Rather, shut the virtual machine down, remove the Alpine ISO from the virtual optical drive, and then restart the virtual machine..."


  • Addicionally, when you have finished to install busybox-extras you can create a snapshot on the running virtual machine. – C. La Mosca Sep 24 '18 at 11:06
  • VirtualBox menu > Machine > Take Snapshot – C. La Mosca Sep 24 '18 at 11:06
  • That is it really! Just remove the Alpine ISO from persistent storage and just let the VDI sit there. – Ace Apr 14 at 3:52

I faced the same issue by trying to configure Alpine on Hyper V. I resolved choosing sys-mode during installation.

sys mode

This is a traditional hard-disk install (see link for details). Both the boot system and your modifications are written to the hard disk, in a standard Linux hierarchy.

Note: The setup-alpine script handles installing Alpine in this mode, too, when you supply a writable partition instead of "none", and request mode "sys". By default, it will create three partions on your disk, for /boot, /, and swap; however you can also partition your disk manually.

This mode may be used for desktops, development boxes, and virtual servers.

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