I went through two posts which tell about how one can make a Linux command. Here are the posts: Creating a custom Linux commmand, Creating Custom Linux Command

I wanted to know how can I make such commands available to everyone for download. My goal is to create a simple C++ graphics 2D game and run it as a command in Linux. Also, I wanted it to be available for everyone to use. Do I have to use git for it to be available for everyone and provide a simple installer for it? Thanks in advance

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Providing an installation package requires familiarity with several different Linux distributions, because you will have to create packages for each family. But this is a bit premature IMHO.

To share the source code, you would create a project on Gitlab.com, Github.com, or similar, with the necessary scripts to let people compile a version for their own platform (automake, autoconf, and the like).

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