I have bought a laptop with Linpus without GUI (as far as I know). I downloaded ubuntu on a ISO on my Android.

I have:

  • Android phone with internet
  • USB cable
  • An 8gb pendrive that i just bought
  • An Ubuntu ISO on mobile
  • and this bloody laptop with with Linpus installed on it

So what can I do?

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  • Welcome, If the android device is rooted you can use the DriveDroid app. – GAD3R Sep 22 '18 at 21:19

According to Wikipedia, Linpus should definitely have a GUI, so I'll have to assume that the Linpus installation is somehow incomplete. Based on that, I'm not going to try guessing what Android-compatible file transfer tools might be available.


  • Go to a friend, workplace, library or some other location that allows you access to a fully-functional personal computer. Take the phone, the pendrive and the USB cable with you.
  • Use whatever means available to transfer the ISO file to the computer.
  • Follow the instructions in Ubuntu documentation to write the ISO to the pendrive.

(Note that Ubuntu installation ISOs are prepared with isohybrid, so you can simply write the ISO to the pendrive like a generic hard disk image file, overwriting any existing contents of the pendrive.)

But if you find out a way to transfer the ISO file to the laptop, then you probably can use that for writing the ISO to the pendrive: you'll only need the dd command for that. Plug in the pendrive, run dmesg, look at the tail end of the output to identify the /dev/sd* device corresponding to the pendrive, and run a command like:

sudo dd if=ubuntu-iso-image.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=1024k

Now you should have an USB stick that can be used as Ubuntu installation media.

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