I have for the good part of a day tried to install gentoo distribution, desiring to avoid at all costs the following software

  • dbus
  • systemd
  • udev

My assumption was that using the USE flags in /etc/portage/make.conf I could simply insert USE=-systemd -dbus -udev to prevent the undesired software.

However it seems that in contrast to the USE flag, I have trouble to install any graphical DE, preferable wayland (even though, at the current point I would settle for Xorg).

My question, is what I have been attempting even possible? Can gentoo be setup to provide a DE without forcing me to use dbus? If this was possible a answer hiting to a tutorial/resource the describes a way to accomplish this would be very much appreciated


As a veteran Gentoo user, I'll provide this answer as a Work In Progress:

Establish a Baseline

  1. Select the baseline profile: # eselect profile list && eselect profile set 1, which should set the profile to: [1] default/linux/amd64/13.0 (stable)
  2. # emerge -ea @system && emerge -ea @world, which will build the System set, and then all the packages on your system with the default profile. udev is required in this situation, because udev is now required by the kernel in all situations, but this will remove all reliance on systemd and use SysV as the default init system.

Verify Compile Settings

  1. Edit /etc/portage/make.conf. Set ACCEPT_KEYWORDS to your stable arch, most likely x86 or amd64.
  2. Install the Gentoo USE Flag Editor: # emerge -av ufed.
  3. Start USE Flag Editor: # ufed.
  4. Select the first option in the list: -*, which reads: Never enable any flags other than those specified in make.conf. This will now ignore the default flags set in Baseline Step 1.
  5. Reissue Baseline Step 2: # emerge -ea @system && emerge -ea @world. Portage will now spit out the modifications required by the packages on your system. Some of the required ones are udev, and consolekit. Note that adding them using ufed is easier now because hitting spacebar multiple times will add the flag, then add a minus sign in front then remove the flag from the list.
  6. If any package requires support for a flag you removed add it to /etc/portage/package.use.


Working With Portage Files

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