I would like to store the variable value to a file in new lines format.

- set_fact:
    linked_dirs:   "{{ linked_dirs.stdout_lines | select('search',nfs_server) | list }}"

- debug:  var=linked_dirs

- shell:  echo -e "{{ linked_dirs }}\n" >> /tmp/test
  delegate_to:  localhost

cat /tmp/test

[u'/net/rchserver01/data/share2 linked with /var/tmp/test2', u'/net/rchserver01/data/share2 linked with /var/tmp/share2', u'/net/rchserver01/data/share1 linked with /var/share1']

Required Result: cat /tmp/test

/net/rchserver01/data/share2 linked with /var/tmp/test2
/net/rchserver01/data/share2 linked with /var/tmp/share2
/net/rchserver01/data/share1 linked with /var/share1

You are getting a python style list with that echo. In case you need the values only, iterate over the elements using with_items and echo.


First, if you have a list, you have to join() the items together.

Second, to write a file, use the copy module.

Replace the last task with something like this:

- name: Write linked_dirs file
    content: '{{ linked_dirs("\n") }}'
    dest: /tmp/test
  delegate_to: localhost

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