How to delete a specific command history and when you enter that "command" that will delete the specific command?

For example, here is my history:

1 ls -l
2 cat > foo.txt
3 ifconfig
4 echo "Hello"

Now, I want to delete the ifconfig command history which is Number: 3, so I'll do the following command: history -d 3 ( which will delete the ifconfig command).

The second one is, I want to delete that command I recently typed (history -d 3) or in other words, this command will not be remembered in history, so no one can see that I just deleted a specific command history.

To summarize, the ifconfig command history will be deleted and the recently type history -d 3 command will not be remembered/logged in history.



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Not exactly what you are looking for but maybe still a possible/usefull workaround.

You can setup your history to ignore Commands which have a space as first character. You can add this functionallity by adding the following line to your .bashrc


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