I have to set up an ssh/sftp connection which needs a certain configuration, and I've been looking around but didn't find an answer. I'm not sure it's even possible without some work around.

I have 4 IPs (like the below example):

  1. - User PC

  2. - SSH gateway

  3. - Proxy server

  4. - SSH server on the internet

What I need is to SSH from 1 to 4, using the ssh gateway, which requires the proxy (3) to access the internet. Currently i'm able to connect from 1 to 4 if i set up the proxy on 1 without passing by 2, but this is not acceptable. And I'm able to connect from 2 to 4 using the proxy. But if I try to connect from 1 to 4, using the gateway, I'm not sure how to tell the gateway to use the proxy. The tools I can use are netcat and connect-proxy on machine 1 and 2, but ProxyJump is not installed.

Any suggestions?


For anybody who is looking for an answer to the same question, i found a way to make this work:

Host gateway
User gatewayuser

Host sshserver
User sshuser
ProxyCommand ssh gateway connect-proxy -H %h %p

Then from the client machine

$ ssh sshserver

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