I am running VNC server on a headless Ubuntu box with tigervncserver. ~/.vnc/config is all commented and has the following examples:

# securitytypes=vncauth,tlsvnc
# desktop=sandbox
# geometry=2000x1200
# localhost
# alwaysshared

~/.vnx/xstartup is following:

/bin/bash $HOME/.profile
[ -r $HOME/.Xresources ] && xrdb $HOME/.Xresources
tigervncconfig &
startxfce4 &

/etc/X11/ has no xorg.conf, /etc/X11/xkb/ is empty

When I access my desktop with Grab all keyboard events set to ON, then I can't switch the keyboard layout. I have

enter image description here

which has no effect regardless of Use system defaults settings.

Somehow I was able to turn on national flag in the lower down corner of the screen

enter image description here

but it also has no effect. Neither it changes on keystroke combination, nor it changes input language if changed explicitly by mouse.

Where to dig?

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