I am experiencing a rather unusual problem with my CUDA installation on Linux Mint 18.3. After a clean reboot, running deviceQuery as a standard user: optirun ./deviceQuery returns FAIL, but if I do:

sudo apt install --reinstall libcuda1-390
sudo optirun ./deviceQuery

Then everything works, running optirun ./deviceQuery again returns PASS.

What does sudo do that solves the problem (just reinstalling libcuda1-390 does not help)?

I am using bumblebee to run programs on-demand with the graphics card.

Edit: I am also suspecting the bumblebee installation to be somehow faulty, not CUDA itself.


Solved by installing nvidia-modprobe.

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  • Care to explain the reason for the downvote? I guess I had a permission problem regarding the process of on-demand loading of nVidia driver. Somehow, nvidia-modprobe, which loads the nVidia kernel module and creates char device files, solved this problem. – Alexandru Dinu Sep 24 '18 at 8:08

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