How to remove the lines in .csv file that second field contain the word content?

example :


expected output

  • Warning: This specific example does not appear to have any embedded commas in the first field. For example, in "blah, blah",content:\n ..., the comma inside the double-quotes is not a field separator. If someone reads this and has to deal with those, the answer provided here will not work correctly. Parsing CSV correctly to deal with such non-separating commas is tricky business. – Monty Harder Sep 13 '18 at 21:55

With sed and to remove the lines that second field contains content, you could do:

sed '/^[^,]*,[^,]*content/d' infile

or to remove the lines which second field stars with content:

sed '/^[^,]*,content/d' infile
awk -F, '$2 !~ /content/' file.csv

If you mean "remove lines where the 2nd field starts with "content", then

awk -F, '$2 !~ /^content/' file.csv

basically what you can do in the easiest way is:

cat "/dir/yourfile.csv" | grep -v ",content:" > newcsvfile.csv

if you want to use the same file name then you can do:

cat "/dir/yourfile.csv" | grep -v ",content:" > tmpfile && mv tmpfile "/dir/yourfile.csv"
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    What does this do if "content" is in the third position of a line? – Christian Gibbons Sep 13 '18 at 18:07
  • that's an assumption if "content:" word will be only in the 2nd field, if it is in different field then the solution would not work and would be different – Javier Salas Sep 13 '18 at 18:10

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