Is there a tool that pastes from clipboard one character at a time? Something that would simulate a real person typing, like in the movies ;)

Of course I am referring to X applications, preferably KDE, but others will do also.

UPDATE - I need to type to GUI applications, not the terminal.

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xsel | sed 's/./usleep 200000,str &,/g' | xargs -d, xte

"xte" is part of xautomation. xclip is another alternative to xsel.

That would work for letters, but probably not many others as that generates key events based on strings.

  • This is almost working ... except TAB and new-line characters. I also tried something like this xsel | pv -q -L 20 | xargs -n1 -I{} xte "str {}" Sep 1, 2012 at 10:33

You could try a keyboard macro utility like autokey. It's scriptable in python so has access to the X clipboard.

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