I am performing a remote headless build on a Ubuntu 16.04.05 server using packer.

When the build starts, I get the informative message

vmware-iso: The VM will be run headless, without a GUI. If you want to
vmware-iso: view the screen of the VM, connect via VNC with the password "somepass" to
vmware-iso: vnc://

However when trying using a vncviewer to access this remotely by accessing :5914 I get a connection refused error;

What is more,

$ nc -zv <my_host_name> 5914
nc: connect to <my_host_name> port 5914 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

Any suggestions?

edit: It seems that VMWare is somehow configured so that its VNCServer (?) listens only on localhost:

pkaramol@<my_host_name> :~/.vmware$ sudo ss -l | grep 5904
tcp    LISTEN     0      5                  *:*   

If SSH is available on your host, you can try using VNC with a secure tunnel to your client:

<client> $ sudo ssh -C -L 9999:localhost:5904 pkaramol@<my_host_name_or_ip>
<client> $ vncviewer localhost::9999

Depending on your setup, you may not need sudo or the the -C (compression) option. Also you can replace 9999 by a port you like.

PS: Sorry, but without right to comment I was not able to clarify.

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