When I do

redis -h host -a password -p port HVALS myhash

command on redis, it will return all values of that hash, one per line. In my case that values are JSON formatted strings.

I want to store that return on shell variable and after that use in loop. That strings are separated with spaces by default.

I can treat all questions to avoid any problem to use this variable with loop structure, but I wonder if redis has some way to return a array of strings structure with redis command.

To give an idea about what I am looking for, think something similar or same result as this command:

redis -h host -a password -p port HVALS myhash | jq -s

In this case jq will work nice because it will recognize JSON objects and will create a array of arrays.

I want to know if is possible to get any array structure of values using only redis, and does not matter if final result is not a valid JSON (forget the fact my strings are JSON strings). And I want only use redis to do this. I can do at shell scripting side, but is not the question.


If command redis -h host -a password -p port HVALS myhash can return result as each entry separated by <space> then you can use arrays.

hash_array=($(redis -h host -a password -p port HVALS myhash))

and then you iterate with for loop

for item in "${hash_array[@]}"
echo "$item"
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