• Lifebook E5440 has WWAN Modem Sierra EM8805
  • Multi SIM - Phone is occupied when Notebook is online i know this problem from lenovo notebooks
  • Win10 doesnt let me set the config cause there is no com port

i used this workaround before

  • boot ubuntu lice cd
  • 2 terminals

    sudo su
    cat /dev/ttyUSB0

second terminal

    sudo su
    echo "AT^SYSCFGEX?" > /dev/ttyUSB0
    echo 'AT^SYSCFGEX="00",3FFFFFFF,1,1,7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF,,' > /dev/ttyUSB0
  1. Problem: I dont have /dev/ttyUSB0 on Fujitsu Notebook
  2. Problem: I guessed by googling /dev/cdc-wdm0 is the modem - but when i CAT device i get gibberish
  3. cant run the AT command nor other ones like

    • Do i have to setup a tty? How?
    • If not how to find correct tty?
    • Are AT command equal for every vendor?
    • How to enable packet switching for sierra em8805 via ubuntu?


Seems Sierra Modem is PW protected, got command reference from sierra.com - no luck so far with

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