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I was asking myself how to download

  • all (.svg) images
  • from a single wikipedia article

without doing it manually for each single image. Wikipedia is offering images in different resolutions and several formats using a more complex looking url-scheme

Example url:


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I found a perfect solution at dougie.io's Using Wget, Grep, and Sed to Download Public Domain Wallpapers From a Web Page. I'm trying to boil it down to the main steps (to keep it available here as well):

  1. Download the HTML page using wget:

    wget https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty-six_Views_of_Mount_Fuji \
         -O page.html -O page.html
  2. Extract the image URLs using grep and sed. Then extract the URLs from the article and write them to a new file urls.txt:

    grep -E "(https?:)?//[^/\s]+/\S+\.(jpg|png|gif|svg)" page.html -o | 
    sed "s/(^https?)?\/\//https\:\/\//g" -r > urls.txt
  3. Download the images using wget:

    • Thumb images
      If you just need the thumb images you can start that via:

      wget -i urls.txt -P downloads/
    • Full size images
      To get the full size images, filter the URLs file (urls.txt) to a new file (urls-new.txt):

      sed -E "s/\/thumb//g; s/\/[0-9]+px-.+\.(jpg|png)$//g" urls.txt |
      uniq > urls-new.txt

      then restart the download:

      wget -i urls-new.txt -P downloads_full_size/

Full credit goes to the linked article.

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