This brace expression will generate a list of files:

$ touch {foo{.t,t.t},other.txt,test{,.{ascii,t{est.qt,x{t,xt}}}}} 

$ ls
foo.t foot.t other.txt test test.ascii test.test.qt test.txt test.txxt

Is it possible to convert back a list of files to a brace expansion?


With the list of files given above you just need to press ( M-{ ) in an empty command line:

Alt - {

to get:

$ {foo{.t,t.t},other.txt,test{,.{ascii,t{est.qt,x{t,xt}}}}}

Or, write fo and press the same keys to get:

$ foo{.t,t.t}

That is, complete into braces all files that match the string fo (before point).

From man bash

complete-into-braces (M-{)
Perform filename completion and insert the list of possible completions enclosed within braces so the list is available to the shell.

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