i am using kde-neon. today i wanted to uninstall vlc and i used this command:

sudo apt-get autoremove --purge vlc

so os borke :) and now i cant log in to my desktop (log in page don't show and it is balck)

i tryed to reinstall kde-desktop by alt+ctrl+f1 (command line page) but i'm not connected to wifi and i can't fix it

now how can I connect to wifi in command line or reinstall kde-desktop or kde-neon with live-boot?

if i want to install windows10 or another distro how i can save my files that was saved in home directory?

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In order to connect to Wifi You can follow the following answer on SE:

Connecting to wifi network through command line

Then You should be able to reinstall KDE.

Also, in order to deinstall VLC You could use

sudo apt purge VLC


sudo apt-get purge VLC

The command according to man page:

sudo apt-get autoremove

autoremove is used to remove packages that were automatically installed to satisfy dependencies for other packages and are now no longer needed as dependencies changed or the package(s) needing them were removed in the meantime.

You should check that the list does not include applications you have grown to like even though they were once installed just as a dependency of another package. You can mark such a package as manually installed by using apt-mark(8). Packages which you have installed explicitly via install are also never proposed for automatic removal.

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