This works in the terminal.. sudo mount -t cifs -o username=user,password=pass // /media/bus

This does not work in fstab on boot.. // /media/bus cifs username=user,password=pass,_netdev 0 0

What am I doing wrong? I need this to automatically mount this share on boot. I can run sudo mount -a and mount the drive manually after boot, so I thought maybe the _netdev is not delaying properly? I have set a static IP in the network manager but have not tried in /etc/network/interfaces yet, that shouldn't make a difference but??

cfis-utils is installed.

Another odd thing is when I connect to the share in Gnome>Files>Connect to Server with the same creds, I get rw access to the share. But when using the mount command, I only have read permission. Same when I connect to the share in Windows, read and write. This really isn't an issue as even though I cannot write to the share, the application that I need to backup to the share can!? I would really like to understand that.

The share is on another ubuntu desktop. I created a new linux user "user", a new group, assigned that user to the group, set permissions.. pretty much followed this tut..https://www.linuxbabe.com/ubuntu/system-config-samba-ubuntu-16-04

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You may try to wait a little. Change to your specs and add to /etc/rc.local:

until ping -nq -c3; do
   # Waiting for network
   sleep 1
mount -t cifs -o vers=1.0,credentials=/home/<user>/<creds_file>,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775,_netdev // /media/bus 2> /home/<user>/mounterr.log

Sure you may left the direct user/password in the command, but to have the special file with creds may be more convenient. The format of the file is


There may be some unexpected nuances. For example, I had to add "vers=1.0" whith the Linux Mint 18.3, while it was not necessary in 18.1.


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