I've just finished setting up arch linux and am trying to configure wifi (wired internet works ok I checked).

As for wireless I have this issue: I try to connect to wireless router with iw dev wlp1s0 connect talktalkodc61 key d:2: "my key" - which I take it is the password that came with the router.

The issue is that I think the combination of letters and numbers needs to be converted to a hexadecimal key.....the error message I get states:

"key must be [d:] index:data where
"d:" means default (transmit) key
"index:" is a single digit (0-3)
"data" must be 5 or 13 ASCII chars or 10 or 26 hex digits

for example d:2:6162636465 is the same as d:2:abcde..." etc etc.

The issue is that the passphrase I have that came with the router is alphanumerical. Does anyone know how to convert it to a format (PSK, TKIP etc) that would work for my situation?

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Verify what protocol your access point is using with iwlist wlp1s0 scan and looking for your access point's listing.

According to the Arch Linux wiki entry on configuring wireless connections your syntax is for WEP. WEP is rarely used and most likely your router is using WPA2 and you'll need to configure it according to the WPA2 section.

My suggestion is to use either wpa_supplicant or network manager

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