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I Have Kali Linux Host And Windows 7 Guest In Virtual Box. So How I can share File I tried but can't fix, So show me the way for share file from Virtual Box windows 7 to Kali Linux

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    Hello Coder Hamza. It's looking likely that you're about to get another "Why won't anyone help me" closure. Please could I strongly suggest that while you start to learn about Linux-based systems you choose a more friendly distribution. Kali is not a beginner's distribution. This will also improve your chances of getting help here - we expect Kali users to be competent Linux users and beginners' questions tend to be shut down fast. – roaima Sep 10 '18 at 20:04
  • I would also advise taking our tour. Asking vague/too broad questions, and/or asking for tutorials is off-topic per our FAQ no matter whether Kali or other distribution. – Rui F Ribeiro Sep 10 '18 at 20:34
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Reading your question; if you want to transfer files from linux Server to Windows VM in same device, you can use from LINUX SCP/SFTP/FTP to transfer, and for Windows install WinSCP to receive them.

I guess I am gonna help you to modify the question, for more answers related you want to got.

FTP Protocol (Basic commands)


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