I want the files with the extension .api to have some chosen SVG icon in the File Manager.

Assume, we have a file: /usr/share/icons/HighContrast/scalable/apps/utilities-terminal.svg

I add a new MIME type: create a ~/.mime.types file with a line: text/x-api api

The question is: how should I link the SVG file name with the MIME type?

NOTE: No need of creating the custom icon, no need to launch some application by double-clicking. This question deals only with the linking of the given icon to file extension.

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If you are using Dolphin, go to icon > properties > File Type Options > click icon > select icon > several times OK. After close and open again the file manager, the icon should appears as selected (for all the same file types).

  • thanks for you answer! I installed Dolphin, but your the File Type Options opens no new window or any type of dialog. Maybe it's about my Cinnamon Mint... Feb 15, 2019 at 9:16

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