I'd like to remove a few fonts from the fontconfig match results for firefox.

I know there's <rejectfont>, but it removes the font completely and for everyone, like it doesn't exist in the system.

I've tried to prepend_first, but turns out firefox has its own font-selecting algorithm that gets all the matches from fontconfig and reorder them (seems like it prefers scalable fonts if it can't find an exact size match from a bitmap font, unlike fontconfig itself that has a more complex and configurable font-matching logic), so the unwanted fonts should be left out of the list altogether.

delete and delete_all edit modes don't seem to work for that matter.

Is there a way to handle this better than patching firefox itself?

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You can use the FONTCONFIG_FILE or FONTCONFIG_PATH environment variables to change to fontconfig settings only for a process and its descendants:

$ cp /etc/fonts/fonts.conf /path/to/fonts-for-firefox.conf

# modify /path/to/fonts-for-firefox.conf as you see fit
# don't forget to change the include ..>conf.d< to >/etc/fonts/conf.d<

$ FONTCONFIG_FILE=/path/to/fonts-for-firefox.conf firefox ...

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