Recently Firefox Quantum has moved into Debian Stable (= Stretch).

When updating my system via apt-get upgrade the old Firefox-ESR has been replaced with the new one. Now all my previously working Add-ons have gone.

Is there any option to get my Add-ons back (in best case from the official Stable repositories)?

  • NoScript
  • HTTPSEverywhere
  • UBlockOrigin

Firefox 60 no longer supports XUL extensions, so the extensions provided by xul-ext- packages no longer work with it. You’ll need to wait for the equivalent webext- packages to be made available in Debian 9. There are bugs asking for this already, you can subscribe to them to get updates:

Alternatively, you can install them manually in the browser.

  • UBlock Origin
  • HTTPS Everywhere

are available from the official https://addons.mozilla.org . Tested on an up to date Debian 9 (Stretch).

A rewrite of NoScript for WebExtensions is also available from the same source.

The WebExtensions version of NoScript did not work as well for me. I now use uMatrix, from the same author as UBlock Origin, which I have come to prefer. I have one pointer when using this: when enabling/disabling first-party scripts, you may need to force-refresh (e.g. ctrl+F5) in order to apply the change.

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