My / partition keeps filling up. To mitigate this, I'd like to move /opt to a different directory, /usr/local/foo, which is mounted to a different partition.

How do I do this safely? If I simply move /opt to /usr/local/foo/opt then create a link of some sort from /opt --> /usr/local/foo/opt, will all the permissions, bits, etc. be correctly set up?

I'm using Ubuntu.

rsync -a

followed by

mount --bind --make-slave
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  • Your answer is good for the most part, rsync and mount --bind are great here, but can you complement it to cover the OP's use case? What rsync command would be appropriate? How to empty /opt before mounting on top of it? How to get the bind mount to get mounted automatically on boot? (What syntax should be used in /etc/fstab for that?) – filbranden Sep 6 '18 at 2:00

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