In my ~/.ssh/config file I have the following option:

RemoteCommand /bin/sh -c 'tmux has-session && exec tmux attach || exec tmux'

This automatically starts tmux and connects to an existing session if possible when connecting via ssh.

This causes sshfs to fail to connect with the error read: Connection reset by peer.

Is there a way to apply this options selectively only when connecting with ssh and not when attempting to mount a filesystem with sshfs?

Note that I still want to load the remainder of the options in that file for sshfs, since they are still relevant. Using sshfs -F /dev/null is not an option.

I could of course create two separate configuration files for ssh and sshfs, but that would require a bunch of duplication that seems unecessary.

  • In this case, you could change you RemoteCommand in tty -s && tmux has-session && exec tmux attach || exec tmux . This way the command will execute only when an interactive session is started. This will solve your example problem but it does not answer your question. – andcoz Sep 5 '18 at 13:35
  • @andcoz The tutorial that I lifted the RemoteCommand from actually specified to set RequestTTY yes as well, so I'm not sure that would help :-) – maxf130 Sep 5 '18 at 14:56

Suppose you used a different hostname when you want to use tmux eg

for sshfs :

ssh user@remotehost

but for tmux

ssh user@remotehost_tmux

and then in your ~/.ssh/config have a section specific for the host remotehost_tmux


# Global Options
#UseRoaming no

# Hostname specific options
Host <hostname>_tmux
     RemoteCommand /bin/sh -c 'tmux has-session && exec tmux attach || exec tmux'
Hostname <hostname>

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