I recently installed KDE on Kali Linux (I'm always root). I can't do anything with the Desktop (Launching applications, creating or adding new items or moving icons to my secondary monitor, etc.).

I'm getting this error (eg. creating a Text File):

Unable to create io-slave. klauncher said: Error loading '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/kf5/kio/desktop.so'.

You are getting a installation inconsistency (typical of kali)

Consulting https://debian.packages.org, it can be found out that path/file is supplied by the package plasma-workspace (list of files here)

For installing it:

sudo apt install plasma-workspace

or if installed, for reinstalling it, to try to fix it, as:

sudo apt-get --reinstall install plasma-workspace

I would also advise reading my related answer Why is Kali Linux so hard to set up? Why won't people help me?

PS. it was not lost on me the OP said "always root", sudo used for the benefit of future readers.

  • Regarding the use of root, see the relevant Kali documentation. – Stephen Kitt Sep 5 '18 at 3:52
  • @StephenKitt I have done performance and security testing for top tier companies in the past, and still use network/security tools once in a while. While those tools need often root privilege, we both know that recommendation to run all the time as root is very misguided – Rui F Ribeiro Sep 5 '18 at 7:48
  • I think it’s perfectly appropriate in the Kali context: a throwaway setup (on the live images at least) that’s only used for penetration and security testing and such like. I don’t think running as non-root in a Kali environment (when used as designed) would bring any significant benefit. I agree it’s at odds with best practice elsewhere, but then Kali isn’t a general-purpose Linux distribution. – Stephen Kitt Sep 5 '18 at 8:15
  • @StephenKitt if someone is using all the time it v does not seem a throwaway setup. I am actually more concerned about the bad habits such recommendation creates – Rui F Ribeiro Sep 5 '18 at 8:17

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