I have several png files named aoa19.5Pressure.XXX.png where XXXX is a four digit number. The names are such that the numbers are sequential. I want to convert these into a gif. When I run

convert aoa19.5Pressure.* aoa19.5Pressure.gif,

my machine takes a very long time to generate the gif. This has many more images than I needed. Is there some way I can convert these png files to a gif animation, only using every 100th png file to create the gif?


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If the numbers are consecutive, just use

convert aoa19.5Pressure.*00.png aoa19.5Pressure.gif

This will use all images with numbers ending in 00, in other words every 100th.


A more generalized solution would be to include whatever wildcard you're filtering by in brackets.

Example 1: To take only even frames:

convert *[02468].png output.gif

Another way to do the same thing would be to delete all odd frames before converting (helpful if you don't want them cluttering your storage):

rm *[13579].png

and following up with:

convert *.png output.gif

Example 2: Of course, you can modify the original example if you want to sample more infrequently. You could use the below to filter by every multiple of 5:

convert *[05].png output.gif

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