I am calling a shell script file through a python command. Filename1 is a variable I have created in my standalone python program storing the actual value of filename. How do I write it to execute the 2nd statement below as Filename variable doesn't work here. If I keep the actual filename, the shell script file gets executed through second statement.

I need to automate this and cannot hardcode the actual filename. Thus, I want if by any chance the variable can be accessed in 2nd statement.

import os
os.system('sh uploadPDFContentFile.sh Filename1')

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Better use subprocess module.

>>> subprocess.run(["ls", "-l"])  # doesn't capture output
CompletedProcess(args=['ls', '-l'], returncode=0)

The subprocess module provides more powerful facilities for spawning new processes and retrieving their results; using that module is preferable to using this function.

But, you may use string substitution:

call_with_args = "./script2.py '%s' '%s'" % (str(arg1), str(arg2))

Or string format

>>> '{0}, {1}, {2}'.format('a', 'b', 'c')
'a, b, c'

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