I'm using ubuntu and can use python if needed to try and find the ipv6 address of another computer. I already know the other computer's ipv4 address.

Previously, I had to find the mac address of this other computer and I used arp -an <ip_addr> and parsed for the mac address to return it. Is there anything similar that I can do via linux or python to search/ping by ipv4 and return more information of that host like its ipv6 address?

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With a little luck, if you know the host name of the other machine, you might find the (link-local) IPv6 address by just pinging the host name. For example, ping -6 otherhost. This requires that the other computer is running a LLMNR or mDNS responder, and that the other computer is on the same LAN.

If you know the MAC address of the other computer, you can find out the link-local IPv6 address by using a converter, this one, for example.

  • Thanks! I'll follow those conversion steps with the mac address to get the ipv6 address. Aug 31, 2018 at 14:46

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