Goal is to allow only specific networks to access docker container services/ports running on my server.

Tried adding ACCEPT rules in to INPUT filter chain. That did not help, networks even without ACCEPT rule were still able to access docker service/port.

Tried adding ACCEPT and DROP rules in FORWARD chain, this works. But this has many disadvantages like: a. Rules getting deleted or re-positioned on docker restart b. Rules can become invalid, if docker containers are re-deployed and get different IPs at runtime

Plan is to BLOCK them before even reaching FORWARD chain.

So, added a new chain in NAT table, which redirects to DOCKER chain if traffic is from allowed network, if it is from other networks, added DNAT to a BLOCKHOLE IP. In PREROUTING, first rule is to jump to this chain.This seems to be working.

DNAT tcp -- tcp dpt:1234 to:

But, instead of redirecting it to a BLOCKHOLE, can we somehow REJECT this traffic so that the client knows it is not allowed and hence refused.

  • Tried: DNAT tcp -- tcp dpt:1234 to:<Server-IP> And catch the same port traffic in INPUT filter and DROP/REJECT. Even then the client gets 'Connection Timedout'. So its same behavior even if we direct the traffic to a BLOCKHOLE. – Ram Aug 31 '18 at 10:10

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