under /var/log , we can see the following maillog files

-rw-------   1 root      root      11733421 Aug  5 03:47 maillog-20180805
-rw-------   1 root      root      15566137 Aug 13 03:16 maillog-20180813
-rw-------   1 root      root      11155484 Aug 19 15:37 maillog-20180819
-rw-------   1 root      root      14527085 Aug 27 03:37 maillog-20180827
-rw-------   1 root      root       6970662 Aug 30 17:25 maillog

we want to use the log maillog , by send some messages from cronjob

for example

how to send the message "454 wsp files was deleted"

to maillog file ?

so the line 454 wsp files was deleted will be in maillog file

my goal is to use the maillog file , instead to create another new logfile under /var/log

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Without knowing the details of your system, I would suggest something along the lines of logger -p mail.warning 454 esp files was deleted. Adjust the level as needed to get logged into your files.

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