I'm trying to report a VLC crash, but compilation fails:

$ ./configure CFLAGS="-g" CXXFLAGS="-g" --enable-debug && make
  CC       codec/libx264_plugin_la-x264.lo
In file included from ../include/vlc_fixups.h:31,
                 from ../config.h:907,
                 from codec/x264.c:29:
/usr/include/features.h:381:4: warning: #warning _FORTIFY_SOURCE requires compiling with optimization (-O) [-Wcpp]
 #  warning _FORTIFY_SOURCE requires compiling with optimization (-O)
codec/x264.c: In function ‘Open’:
codec/x264.c:849:26: error: ‘x264_bit_depth’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘x264_picture_t’?
         const int mask = x264_bit_depth > 8 ? X264_CSP_HIGH_DEPTH : 0;
codec/x264.c:849:26: note: each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in

There doesn't seem to be an x264 library package:

$ pacman --sync --search x264
extra/x264 2:155.r0a84d986-2 [installed]
    Open Source H264/AVC video encoder

How do I get past this step? I've already installed all the build dependencies of the vlc-git AUR package.

  • may check if ffmpeg0.10 is installed, i have seen this package causing problems (with similar errors like yours) in different build processes on my machine.
    – derwana
    Aug 30, 2018 at 14:15
  • Does it build using the official PKGBUILD? Notably the same flags?
    – jasonwryan
    Aug 30, 2018 at 18:06
  • @jasonwryan vlc-git at least compiles using PKGBUILD
    – l0b0
    Aug 30, 2018 at 19:50
  • Building the official 3.0.3.r1-2 works fine for me.
    – jasonwryan
    Aug 30, 2018 at 20:59
  • @jasonwryan Did you use the same commands I did? Also, can you tell where the definition of x264_bit_depth came from during compilation?
    – l0b0
    Aug 30, 2018 at 23:45

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Based on @jasonwryan's comments I was able to modify the official VLC 3.0.3 PKGBUILD to build a debug version of VLC. The PKGBUILD diff:

$ diff PKGBUILD{.orig,}
<   export CFLAGS+=" -I/usr/include/samba-4.0"
>   export CFLAGS+=" -I/usr/include/samba-4.0 -g"
<   export CXXFLAGS+=" -std=c++11"
>   export CXXFLAGS+=" -std=c++11 -g"
<               --with-kde-solid=/usr/share/solid/actions/
>               --with-kde-solid=/usr/share/solid/actions/ \
>               --enable-debug

Unfortunately this was not enough to provide enough information to the developers.

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