I define a variable in my Bash script like:

BIRTHDAY="1993-01-11 11:11 +08:00"

and convert it to epoches use date then echo with echo $(date -d $BIRTHDAY +%s).

However, I get error: date: extra operand ‘+08:00’.

But, it works on a bash interactive shell:

➜  ~ BIRTHDAY="1993-01-11 11:11 +08:00"
➜  ~ date -d $BIRTHDAY +%s
➜  argos echo $(date -d $BIRTHDAY +%s)

I alse try to run echo $(date -d \"$BIRTHDAY\" +%s), which not work too.

So, what's wrong with it?


You need to quote "$BIRTHDAY", like this:

echo $(date -d "$BIRTHDAY" +%s)

It appears that you are actually using zsh as the interactive shell, as it is the only one in which this command will work correctly (with a default IFS value):

date -d $BIRTHDAY +%s

In any case, even in zsh, quoting the variable is helpful:

date -d "$BIRTHDAY" +%s

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