As described here on can change the number of tty. However how can I configure it that I have only tty7,...,tty10 (and tty1 to tty6 are disabled)?

I usually use only tty7 upwards because pressing Ctr+Alt+F7 is easier than pressing Ctr+Alt+F1 for example from an ergonomic point of view. So tty1 to tty6 are redundant for me.

I am working on ubuntu 18.04 which uses systemd.


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One cannot change the number of kernel virtual terminal devices (outwith customizing the kernel). There are always 63 KVTs in Linux. It is a misconception to think that you are changing the terminals.

You are changing whether a TUI login service is started connected to each KVT. That is what systemd-logind determines, and which is configurable.

  • It is only configurable within systemd-logind to the extent of specifying an upper bound on the KVT number for the TUI login services that it activates, which is what the NAutoVTs setting is. So systemd-logind itself is only tunable to the extent that you can specify the range, 1–N, of TUI login services. N will have to be at least 7 for you.
  • It is configurable outwith systemd-logind somewhat more freely by masking the relevant instantiations of the autovt@.service service template. Thus you can individually thwart systemd-logind's attempts to activate autovt@tty1.service through to autovt@tty6.service by masking those.

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