Via Putty, i log onto a SuSe linux machine.

Suddenly, a percentage value appeared behind the commandline. Looks like that:

[<DOMAIN>\<USER>@<HOST>:/home] 544%

It seems the value is the current index of the command in history. How can i remove that? How have i have activated that?


PS1='[\u@\h:\w] \!% '

By removing \! in $HOME/.profile PS1 it can be switched off. It seems I copied it by accident from an tutorial when changing environment variables.

  • could you post the output from echo "$PS1" ? – Jeff Schaller Aug 29 '18 at 14:28
  • Look through the files that Tim notes below, and remove the \! text from the PS1 variable assignment. – Jeff Schaller Aug 29 '18 at 14:46

You want to modify your prompt. In Bash, which is the default shell for most Linux distributions, it can be set for Interactive Logins in /etc/profile, $HOME/.bashrc, $OHME/.bash_profile, $HOME/.bash_login, or $HOME/.profile. That's the order those files are loaded, so a definition in $HOME/.profile will override any earlier definitions.

So, if you wanted to keep mostly the same format, just without the history index, you could add to your $HOME/.profile, something like (assuming the DOMAIN is being added to your environment as $domain via SSSD:

PS1='[$domain\\\u@\h:\w]% `
export PS1

That would give you a prompt that would look like:


For more info on setting your prompt read this tutorial.

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