I want to do reverse SSH tunneling in Local Network.

Machine_A = running SSH server behind firewall,
Machine_B = is allowed to access SSH server and is behind the firewall. Machine_C = can't connect B or C directly has two users: userB, userC i.e., userB can access but userC can't.

All machines are running LINUX. How can Machine_C achieve SSH connection using reverse SSH ? Do I need to enable Port forwarding in ROUTER?

In Machine_B I have to use: ssh -R 12345:localhost:22 _____? from Machine_C : ssh -p 12345 _______?


On Machine_B

ssh -g -L 12345:localhost:22 Machine_A

On Machine_C

ssh -p 12345 Machine_B
  • Sorry, I just realized that I asked the question wrong. Actually I want to establish reverse SSH tunnel where A,B both are behind firewall and A blocks all incoming request from C but allows OUTGOING connection. Sorry for inconvenience. – Biplab Aug 28 '18 at 17:09

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