cd: /run/user/$UID/gvfs/mtp://%5Busb%3A001,010%5D/

gives the error :

cd: no such file or directory: /run/user/1000/gvfs/mtp://%5Busb%3A001,010%5D/ 

Even though the device is mounted in the file manager and shows the same mtp path

I'd like to access it via terminal to able to copy data out of it as the File Manager just hangs when done via the GUI.

Distribution : Fedora 28


cd to /run/user/$UID/gvfs, run ls. You'll find the directory within there, without the %5B / %3A / %5D encodings.

Or just cd to it without the encodings

cd '/run/user/1000/gvfs/[usb:001,010]'
  • there is no directory there, ls returns empty – DevX136 Aug 25 '18 at 16:12

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