I would like to make a lot of copy- paste- text from my browser into vim. I'd like to streamline this process. I'm thinking of a utility that can do the following tasks:

  1. When a text is highlighted, it should be copied automatically into the memory. There is already a utility that can do this:


  2. When a copy event occurs, I'd like the utility to, automatically, paste this event into a vim file running on iTerm (inside of tmux, if necessary) regardless where the cursor is located.

If a utility that can do these tasks is not available, which application do I need to write such a utility? Can this be done with higher level applications such as Automator or just C level applications can do it?

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If your Vim instance has access to the system clipboard (register +) or X selection (register *), you can use my CaptureClipboard plugin for the second part. With :CaptureClipboard, the plugin monitors the clipboard for changes and inserts any change of clipboard contents into the current buffer.

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