Is there a way to pass a folder of .mp4 files and trim them by audio track? Say the first 20 seconds has no loud audio and the last 20 seconds has no loud audio, is there a way to remove the first and last 20 seconds of the video file, trimming it somehow? Using Kdenlive or another program? Could it be tuned by decibel level? I want to trim the beginning and end of the clips, where/when I am not talking.

I might need to create a command line program that can do this. Does anyone know how to read a video file and determine the points at which the audio is first and last loud and then trim the file by the audio points?

ffmpeg seems like the program to this, but I am not entirely sure. I could do this manually with Kdenlive, but looking to do this automatically.

Input: folder of .mp4 files
Output: new folder of .mp4 files, first and last quiet parts are trimmed

*****An advanced program could also just delete chunks of video where I am not talking for more than 3 seconds, just delete those sections, and those sections could be anywhere in the video, not just the beginning/end.

enter image description here

Using the above image as an example, we would trim the first 15 seconds and the last 7 seconds and there might be 2 or 3 seconds to remove from the time around 1:06-1:08, which was a section where I had to take a look at some notes before returning to speaking.


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