I'm trying to clone an existing Ubuntu 18.04 system that's installed on a 1TB hard drive (sda1) to run from an 250MB SSD (sdb1). Only about 30GB is in use on the sda1 partition. The steps I followed:

  1. Booted from Live USB, and used gparted to reduce sda1 to 100GB
  2. Used clonezilla to clone the reduced sda1 partition to the SSD.
  3. Assigned a new UUID to the SSD partition (because it was identical to the HDD UUID after the clone)
  4. Modified /etc/fstab on the SSD to use the new UUID of the SSD.
  5. Ran update-grub

On reboot, the grub menu appears to include an option to boot Ubuntu from the SSD. If I choose that, the system seems to come up normally, but then lsblk indicates that the file system root is still mounted on the HDD (sda1), instead of sdb1. (which AFAIK means that the system is still running from the hard disk.)

What have I missed?

Thanks in advance.

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