I have dotfiles where I store the settings from all the programs that I use. I mean files with the extension .conf, .cfg, .rc and etc.

But I cannot find a place where the Synaptic keeps its settings. I saw some answers where people talked about /root/.synaptic directory. But I do not have access to this directory. And even if I get access to the directory - is it safe to do something inside /root/ directory?

For example, I want to add more columns and change the toolbar view: enter image description here

system: Linux Mint 19
synaptic: 0.84.3


Synaptic saves its settings in ~/.synaptic/synaptic.conf, using the home directory of whatever user runs it. The user is generally root since that’s necessary for Synaptic to make changes, so yes, the settings are usually stored in /root/.synaptic/synaptic.conf (and that’s perfectly safe, it’s root’s home directory).

Some settings which affect Synaptic, albeit not the GUI, are general APT settings, stored in various files in /etc/apt.

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